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Romania Animal Aid - About us

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 Romania Animal Aid!
Registered charity no. 1133543

Romania Animal Aid was established following a fundraising trip through the Carpathian Mountains for the animal charity WSPA.  There were 24 of us in the team and all of us were immediately struck by the number of street/stray dogs roaming the cities, countryside and small villages... most of them living a miserable and uncertain existence.

We witnessed many sad and hungry dogs and young puppies looking for food and shelter.  Some with broken legs due to being hit by cars as they weave in and out of traffic looking for a friendly soul who might throw them a few scraps.  Others we saw were extremely malnourished and, as such, had lost the use of one or more limbs.

(Left: very weak pup who despite being close to death when found, pulled through and survived.  Right: see 'Reube' as she is now living in Kent)

One such dog we found close to the popular tourist spot of Bran Castle.  Having been in the country for almost a week by this time we just couldn't look away any longer!  'Foxy', as he became known, was so weak he could no longer use one of his back legs, he was desperately tired and his spirit looked broken.

(Foxy on day we found him)

Although we were part of a group travelling onwards by coach, we knew we had to do something for this small dog.  After a few frantic calls, we were thrown a life-line by Cristina Lapis who runs the Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary an hour from where we were.  Cristina is famed for her work in animal welfare in the country and she helped us rescue Foxy.

Foxy is one of the lucky ones but there are hundreds of thousands of dogs living terrible lives day to day on the streets.  Some of the more vulnerable and injured ones are picked up by the few animal charities and/or caring individuals working tirelessly for the animals, many of them hopelessly overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the problem and/or with limited funds.

As such we are very committed to spay/neuter campaigns for both street animals and owned/pet dogs and cats.  We currently co-fund a spay clinic in Iasi, Romanian's 2nd largest city.  Here people can bring their pets to be spayed for free and we also commit to spaying street/community dogs too.  The price to spay/neuter an animal is the equivalent of around £15.  

For this relatively small sum we can prevent thousands of litters being born to the same fate.  If we spay one female dog we stop her from getting pregnant and her unborn off-spring from breeding too.  Please help us to help the animals by donating just £15 per month and save more from being born to a life without hope, at constant risk of starvation, infection, cruelty, being killed on the roads - sadly all daily challenges faced by the Romanian animals.
(Foxy now living in Kent with Janet who was part of the treking group that found him) 

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